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Groups Between Worlds and Cultures

Groups transform - arts, therapy, consulting and education

The Transcultural Competence of Groups

Granada 2017, June 26 - June 30

The Summer Academy in Granada

is officially recognized by the College of Psychologists of Andalucia (Colegio de Psicólogos de Andalucía Oriental - COPAO) and by the UNESCO (Andalusian branch) for its professional, social and humanitarian value

is dedicated to study and reflect group work on the concepts of identity, values and behavior in different cultures and times since 1999

offers certified training in prominent approaches of group psychotherapy and group work

explores the possibilities and limitations of integrative perspectives of group psychotherapy and group dynamic. It adresses the beginner as well as the senior expert in the field

facilitates the encounter with Spanish, Italian, English and German speaking colleagues from different group approaches and countries

enlightens with the historic and the present reality of Granada

City of Granada