Staff (6.2019)

Lectures and Plenary sessions
Earl Hopper, London/GB, PhD. DFAGPA, former President of IAGP, Trainer and Supervisor Group Analysis
Maria Cristobal, Amsterdam/NL and Spain, coordinator of Task forces of Doctors without Borders in the Middle East and Africa
Gaea Logan, Chicago/US, AGPA, trainer and supervisor group psychotherapy Yaalom, facilitator of mindfulness and meditation approaches for team recovery including the UN
Nikos Takis, Athens/Greece, Trainer and supervisor Psychodrama and Group Analysis, President FEPTO (Federation of European and Mediteranean Psychodrama Institutes)

Khader Rasras, Rmallah/Palestine, chief psychologist TRC (Treatment and Rehabilitation Center for the Victims of Torture), IAGP
Gila Offer, Tel Aviv/Israel, Trainer group analysis EGATIN and GASi

Thanasis Hadzilacos, Cyprus/Greece, university professor educational science psychotherapy, project designer for the EU
Jorge Burmeister-Petulla, Granada/Spain and Switzerland, MD, Former President IAGP, Psychodrama, CBT Trainer and supervisor

English and/or Italian/Spanish speaking trainers
Eva Fahlström, Stockholm, Trainer Psychodrama and Reparative Justice, Member Board IAGP, Head Task Force for Disaster and Trauma Management IAGP

Ivan Urlic, Split/Croatia, Trainer and Supervisor group analysis, IAGP and GASi
Mona Rakhawy, Cairo/Egypt, President Egyptian Society for Group Psychotherapy (EAGT), Chair CAOA (affiliate organizations) IAGP
Ivana Petullá, Torino/Italy, Painter and Art Therapist

Dr. Maite Pi, Girona, Ex-President Sociedad Española de Psicoterapia de grupos (SEPTG), Secretary IAGP
Dr. Cristina Martinez Taboada, San Sebastian, Ex-President Sociedad Española de Psicoterapia de grupos (SEPTG), Co-Chair Educational Committee IAGP
Dr. Concha Oneca, Ex-President Sociedad Española de Psicoterapia de grupos (SEPTG), IAGP

Dr. Wilma Scategni, Torino/Italy, Trainer and Supervisor Jungian Psychodrama, IAGP

English speaking Trainers
Dr. Catherine Mela, Trainer Group Analysis, HOPE, Greece, Vice President and Chair Research Committe IAGP
Marcia Karp, London, TEP, Trainer Psychodrama, IAGP

English, German and Spanish speaking Trainers

Group Dynamics:
Marieluise Mitterer Gehrke, Germany, Trainer group dynamics (Lewin), DGGG and IAGP

City of Granada