Dedicated to the memory of Federico García Lorca and all victims of terror between human beings

Dreaming in green - Original painting by Jorge Burmeister


Programme time schedule


Opening ceremony Plenary lecture 9.00 - 11.00
Workshop time I 11.30 - 14.30
Lunch break 14.30 - 16.15
Workshop time II 16.15 - 18.15
Pleno I/Large Group18.45 - 20.15

Tuesday - Friday

Plenary I - The Social Dreaming Matrix 8.00 - 9.00
Plenary lecture 9.00 - 10.30
Workshop time I 11.00 - 14.00
Lunch break 14.00 - 16.00
Workshop time II 16.00 - 18.00
Plenary II/large group 18.30 - 20.00


Gala Dinner 21.00 - 24.00

Certificate of attendance will be provided.


Theme and Vision (special program)

The Collective Trauma affects not only the individual but also the social space of those persons involved. It is able to disconnect individuals from their inner core self, from the feeling of belonging to a community as well as to its holding aspects of trans-personal/universal meanings (values/spiritual or religious beliefs). It represents the betrayal of communal and social trust. Its inherent rupture of social networks and the collapse of moral standards may lead to an increase of individual and collective violence, an activation of historical traumata (shadow) and its expression (e.g. racism) and to an increase of relational trauma (rupture of family bonds). Its impact can be expanded by dehumanizing interactions, by the maintainance of silence and by the denial of its existence which characterize the social and political reality of many affected societies. In the frame work of this academy we like to transform its silence into words, its shadow into enlightened spaces and the resistence to remember into a journey towards resilience and reconciliation. We want to honor the victims of the collective trauma as well as the life of the survivors who might be all of us.

Programme Overview

Small Group Workshops

Constant small groups: Participants can choose regarding their own interest group analytic, group dynamic, psychodramatic and jungian approach.

Workshop Time I
Focus on the method and the conference topic

Psychodrama Small Group : Eva Fahlström/Sweden, Marcia Karp/Great Britain, Wilma Scategni/Italy and Nikos Takis/Greece.

Group Analytic Small Group: Maite P/Gerona and Concha Oneca/Pamplona

Expressive Arts in group work: Marcia Honey/Israel and Magdalene Jeyarathnam/india


Workshop Time II Monday - Friday
Focus on supervision and special topics

Marieluise Mitterer-Gehrke/Germany: The transformative approach of group dynamics inspired in the work of Kurt Levin with collective trauma. A practise for learning and supervision.

Mona Rakhawy/Egypt and Cristina Martinez Taboada/San Sebastian: The transformative approach of trans-cultural group work with collective trauma. A practise for learning and supervision.

Ivana Petullá/Italy and Jorge Burmeister-Petullá/Switzerland and Spain: The transformative approach of arts, symbols, dreams and myths in group work with collective trauma. A practise for learning and supervision.


TUESDAY- FRIDAY: The Social Dreaming Matrix

Daily work with the Social Dreaming Matrix (SDM) conducted by Maurizio Gasseau from Italy who participated in many workshops with Gordon Lawrence, the founder of the Social Dreaming Matrix in the past. The SDM uses dreams and the corresponding associations as symbols of the group process investigating the subyacent collective and social dimension of the group. Maurizio Gasseau will combine the method with active elements like vignettes or enacted symbols.

MONDAY - FRIDAY: The Large Group

Each day an group analytic large group with Catharine Mela from Greece and Ivan Urlic from Croatia offering a space to deepen the experiences and results of the daily small and medium groups and to develop them further on to reveal its social and collective meaning for the world of today.


Plenary lectures - morning MO - FR

Daily lectures on anthropological, sociological and therapeutic aspects of intercultural groups.

Trans-cultural Competence - the transformative power of groups
The vision of SH Foulkes for the change process in groups focusing on collective trauma and its consequences for the world of today
Catharina Mela/Greece, IAGP Secretary and Ivan Urlic/Croatia, IAGP, ex BoD member

Trans-cultural Competence - the transformative power of groups
The spanish civil war: how to approach the trauma and the conspiration of silence in groups 75 years later
Miguel Ángel del Arco/Memoria Histórica, Granada y Mario Nicolás López Martínez//Instituto de la Paz y los Conflictos, UGR Granada

Trans-cultural Competence - the transformative power of arts in groups
The greek civil war: how to approach the trauma and the conspiration of silence in groups 75 years later
Nikos Takis/Greece, IAGP and FEPTO President

Trans-cultural Competence - the transformative power of groups
The value of being human in contexts of collective trauma- an approach towards pain and hope
Khadar Rasras/Palestine, Chief psychologist TRC and Marcia Honey/Israel,

Trans-cultural Competence - the transformative power of groups
Collective Trauma and cosmopolitism - the role of World Citizens in acknowledging and healing the trauma within us and around us
Kate Tauvon/Sweden, IAGP president

Evening activities and social events

Plenty of opportunities to share not only professional issues with colleagues from countries from all over the world: encounter between cultures and the unique legacy of Granada, encounter to develop fun, trust and hope.

Flamenco (training lessons on the spot during lunch break possible)
Visit of the illuminated Alhambra by night
Guided sight seeing tours
Farewell Dinner


The Basic idea

The Summer Academy establishes for the seventeenth time a professional link between theory and practice of the important approaches of group psychotherapy and group work at an international level.

The academy is recognized under the auspices of the International Association of Group Psychotherapy and Group Processes (IAGP), the UNESCO (andalusain branch) and the Insitute for Peace (UGR). Besides the academy has been supported since its beginnings from a network of several national group organisations.

Four models of group psychotherapy will meet again in Granada: group analysis, psychodrama, jungian centered approach in groups and group dynamic. We will offer grants for students from Palestina, Israel, Marrocco and other countries.

Dialogue is the key term for peace processes at a global level. Thus the summer academy is destinated to create a living learning field for the quality, but also for the breaking points of multicultural dialogue. It will focus especially this year different models and strategies for mediating and resolving conflicts between and in groups.

Granada as historic model demonstrates the chances of a peaceful coexistence between different cultures, but also its menaces and its fragility. The academy as the essence of a shared culture of the group is putting the ”tyranny of differences” of language, approach or culture into question.