Dr Jorge Burmeister, Past President IAGP
Elisabeth Rohr, IAGP, D3G/GASi

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Scientific Program Committee

Dr. Jorge Burmeister, Past President IAGP, DAGG

Elisabeth Rohr/Germany

Caterina Mela/Grecia/Chair Research Committee and secretary, IAGP
Cristina Taboada Martinez/San Sebastian/Chair Transcultural Section IAGP

MaitePi/Gerona/Chair Family Therapy Section IAGP
Maurizio Gasseau/Italy/Member educational commitee IAGP

Advisory Board

Malcolm Pines/GB, Sabar Rustomjee/ Australia, Grete Leutz/Germany, Pablo Población/Spain, Jose Fonseca/Brasil


History and Filosophy

The summer academy was founded in 1999 (DAGG). Since 2001 it is organized under the auspices of the IAGP (Educational Committee).

The advisory board and the scientific program committee discuss and decide the topic and the program of the academy which will be renewed every year.

The summer academy puts the basic philosophy of IAGP into practise: to enhance professional competence not only by contributions of international experts in the group field but also by facilitating encounter and dialogue beyond the limitations of single methods and cultures in the sense of a cross-fertilization process.

At the same time the summer academy serves as an educational and training forum which is dedicated towards the mutual exchange between experts and students. Therefore it will provide scholarships and special fees for students. At the same time one of its particular intentions is to facilitate a space for dialogue between israeli and palestinian colleagues.

City of Granada